Aluminium composite films

This is understood to mean composite films that consist of a combination of two or more layers. This composition can be varied depending on the load, with an incorporated pure aluminium film essentially determining the degree of water vapour density. With increasing thickness of the aluminum film, the permeability of water vapour decreases. Such combination films were initially developed for military use. After the practical test under unusually harsh conditions during the Second World War, the industry also switched to using these high-quality protective films for particularly sensitive goods.

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Over the decades we have developed a wide variety of combinations for almost all purposes, such as: • Military packaging for long-term storage according to TL 8135-0003 – MIL PRF-131J – NF H 00-310 • Industrial and export packaging according to DIN 55531 • Protective packaging for chemical Products according to DIN 55531


Protective packaging

The particular advantage of protective packaging with sealable aluminum composite films is that due to the sealability, customised packaging in various sizes is possible. Protective packaging of this type offers the option of vacuum packaging. This makes it possible to detect a leak in the casing or a defective seal seam. It is expedient to extract just enough air from the packaging that the barrier layer lies loosely on the packaged product. The vacuum method, which was previously protected, has now been abandoned because the barrier layer can be destroyed very quickly by pointed or sharp-edged products.


If the temperature drops, condensation can form from the remaining amount of moist air within the closed barrier layer envelope and the humidity that may diffuse after weeks or months. This can cause corrosion, so the VCI protection method with our NO-CORRO® products is essential as a supplement. VCI products Since paper is hydroscopic and therefore absorbs a certain amount of humidity, base papers for our NO-CORRO® qualities are manufactured and monitored in accordance with our purchasing conditions without rust-promoting or chlorine and acid-free components.

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