Paraffin paper (oil paper)

All paraffin papers are water and grease repellent. The application has been known for decades. Here we offer you smooth or creped qualities as roll or format goods. Simple oil papers are mainly made from recycled paper, with sorted waste paper being used. For the packaging of high-quality goods, we supply Kraft paraffin paper, which is specially manufactured without rust-promoting components. These papers are made fromvirgin fibre cellulose.

Paraffinpapier Verpackung VCI Papier Nawrot AG
Paraffinpapier Korrosionsschutz VCI Papier Nawrot AG


We offer grease and water-repellent paraffin papers as packaging materials for demanding export, long-term and overseas packaging.


Nature conservation and increased awareness about the need for a clean environment have put wax, paraffin and oiled papers back in the front rank of recommended packaging materials. In an outdoor test, the decomposition behaviour of wax and oil papers was found to be similar to that of leaves.