Sustainable relationships over generations

Hermann Nawrot AG has been dealing with the topic of environmental protection and sustainability for decades. When used correctly, many of our products save the use of oils, fats and solvents during final cleaning. Many products are suitable for thermal recycling or decompose if the compression is not too high.

Doing good together.

Save CO₂

By using our products, you can also save considerable amounts of CO₂ through additional transport costs to preservation sites. Conversion of our heating system to low temperature with ceiling spotlights.

Sustainable production

Some products are manufactured using renewable raw materials and some are even biodegradable!

Power generation

Most products can be used for thermal recycling and are used to generate electricity or provide district heating

Low environmental impact

With the correct use of our products, preservation without oils, fats and solvents is possible.
The environment is also protected by resource-saving waste separation on our part and by our waste disposal companies.

Heat recovery

Our cooling systems were replaced by a new system with heat recovery to heat the warehouse.

New heating system

Conversion of our heating system to low temperature with ceiling spotlights to save energy

Renewable energy

We decided to use a photovoltaic system to generate electricity. In addition, we have replaced our indoor and outdoor lighting with low-energy LED lamps, which means that we have achieved a considerable share of CO₂ savings.

Protection against corrosion

The material, which is protected against corrosion, has a longer service life and thus saves important resources required for new production.

E-charging station

To promote e-mobility, we have installed charging stations for electric cars.

Has successfully passed a comprehensive sustainability audit in the areas 

Ecology, Economy and Social Competence 

Product, service and quality of advice, economic future alignment, business management as well as ecological and social responsibility

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