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Hermann Nawrot AG has been developing and producing special packaging in the areas of corrosion protection, export and long-term storage for over 60 years.

In Germany there are only a few companies that develop, manufacture and process their own chemical formulations for VCI active ingredients. Thus the company is able to implement customer requests quickly.

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For decades, our VCI active ingredient NO-CORRO® has proven itself as long-term protection against corrosion of steel, iron, aluminium, chrome as well as copper, brass and zinc.


This is understood to mean combination foils which consist of an aluminium foil and a thermoplastic coating. The thickness of the aluminium foil determines the degree of water vapour density.


CORROFOL® is the NEW VCI film from Hermann Nawrot AG.<br /> A small revolution on the market: This film is safer, denser, more stable, sealable...


C-FOLIE® consists of a plastic film, fabric and a self-adhesive wax mixture, which – depending on requirements – is applied on one or both sides.


Hyperkraft® is a versatile and inexpensive packaging material. It closes the gap between paraffin papers and high-quality composite packaging materials, both in terms of quality and price.


All paraffin papers are water and grease repellent. We offer you smooth or creped qualities and as roll or format goods.


Model box for labelling processes for punching out lettering, etc.

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Sustainable relationships over generations

Hermann Nawrot AG has been developing its products and investing in sustainability and environmental protection for years, so many of our products were created which, through their use, saved large amounts of oils and fats and solvents for their final cleaning.

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