Press release about the product CORROFOL®

Author: Uwe Nawrot from August 2014

For decades there have been either mono films that outgas the VCI active ingredient on both sides or coex films that outgas on one side. VCI mono films release unnecessary active ingredients to the outer layer and are much more permeable to water vapor than Coex films with the same film thickness. VCI coex films can be used incorrectly and welded and therefore the VCI active ingredient cannot protect the product.

Corrosion protection films – make steam

Magazine "technik> Transport>"

Research institutes estimate the annual damage caused to the European economy by improper conservation at around 2.5 per cent of the gross national product. New conservation methods for transport and storage are particularly in demand in critical climatic zones. Against this background, Hermann Nawrot AG, Wipperfürth, has developed a VCI anti-corrosion film that is intended to provide more safety and is “extra user-friendly”.

Corrosion protection from the vapor phase

Magazine "technik> Transport>"

Corrosion protection is an important topic in today’s economy: Every year, increasing corrosion damage during transport or storage, especially in critical climatic zones, requires new preservation methods. Hermann Nawrot AG, Wipperfürth, is a manufacturer who has been selling made-to-measure corrosion protection packaging for over 60 years.