VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Automobilindustrie Nawrot AG

Automotive industry

New vehicles are packed in a protective film at the factory. The purpose of this packaging is to prevent scratches and damage to the paintwork and other external elements of the vehicle. The use of high-quality materials is necessary for effective protection. In addition, it is important to pack individual parts safely for transport. We offer you barrier film or effective VCI corrosion protection as a solution. Paraffin paper or aluminium composite film are also suitable for packaging vehicles or individual parts.


Automotive supplier

As an automotive supplier, you supply your customers with a large number of individual components. Safe packaging is extremely important for transport to the car factory. As a solution, we offer you high-quality packaging materials that you can use to protect against transport damage, but also to protect against corrosion. Choose the versatile CORROFOL® corrosion protection film or the inexpensive HYPERKRAFT® packaging material, which can be used in conjunction with other packaging materials.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Automobilzulieferer Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Chemiebranche Nawrot AG

Chemical industry

The chemical industry is characterised by a variety of work areas. Handling dangerous substances is one of them. A solution is required for the packaging that guarantees effective protection against leakage of the substances. We offer you high-quality barrier material or aluminium composite foil that is perfect for transporting chemicals. You can choose from different variants and always use packaging that is perfectly adapted to the respective content.


Precious metal processing

Precious metals are used in many different areas. Due to their properties or a special alloy, they are optimally protected against corrosion. This allows them to be used outdoors, but also in a damp environment. Protection against corrosion is also important for the transport of precious metals. Decide on an optimal solution that promises you a high level of security for your transport. We offer you our effective VCI corrosion protection, but also paraffin paper or the inexpensive HYPERKRAFT® wrapping paper as a supplement for the safe and rust-free transport of all precious metals.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Elektronikbranche Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Elektronikbranche Nawrot AG


A large number of small parts are used in the electronics industry. Corrosion, moisture or strong temperature fluctuations would make these small parts unusable. For this reason it is important to choose an optimal solution for the transport from the production site to the customer. To protect sensitive parts, we offer you packaging that enables smooth transport. Depending on the type of item, opt for paraffin paper or high-quality barrier material. As a supplement, use the inexpensive HYPERKRAFT® packaging material. Our VCI corrosion protection is very well suited for the transport of circuit boards and other rust-prone parts.


Aircraft construction

When it comes to aircraft construction, the greatest precision is essential. Hardly any other industry requires such a large number of small parts. Various suppliers take care of the transport of the parts to the production facility. It is important that each individual part is effectively protected from corrosion or damage during transport. We offer you high-quality material for packaging. Depending on the type and purpose of the parts, you can opt for our effective VCI corrosion protection, for C-FOLIE® or for the more affordable HYPERKRAFT® film, which is very suitable as an additional packaging material for all parts in aircraft construction.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Flugzeugbau Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Glasindustrie Porzelanindustrie Nawrot AG

Glass/porcelain industry

In the glass and porcelain industry, safe and protective packaging for each individual part is of great importance. Glass and porcelain both look very attractive. Due to their hardness, the material is very fragile. The packaging for transport must take this into account and offer adequate protection. As a solution for the transport of glasses and high-quality porcelain, we offer you high-quality barrier material or paraffin paper. With these packaging materials you guarantee optimal protection for every shipment.


Wholesale customer

As a wholesaler, you ensure that goods are safely transported to your customers. Every day you need a large number of packaging materials that protect the goods from corrosion and damage. We offer you the right solution for storage and transport for the multitude of different goods. Use barrier material, CORROFOL® corrosion protection film or aluminium composite film to optimally protect your goods. The packaging materials are also ideally suited for longer storage.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Grosshändler Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Kondensatorenfabrik Nawrot AG

Capacitor factory

Capacitors are used in many areas. Capacitors are indispensable in trade and many branches of industry, but also in agriculture. During the manufacturing process, the capacitors are adapted to their future use. After production and approval of the finished devices, they are transported to their destination. What is needed here is a solution that offers effective protection against corrosion and transport damage. We offer you barrier material, aluminium composite film or packaging materials for lamination that are perfect for all safe transport tasks.


Plastics processing

Plastics processing is a versatile branch of industry that produces a wide range of products for almost all branches. After production has been completed, it is sent to the various areas of industry and trade. It is necessary to choose suitable packaging for transport. Our offered solution is barrier material in which you can pack the plastic without damaging it. Paraffin paper and aluminium composite foil are also very suitable.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Kunststoffverarbeitung Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Lohnfertigung Nawrot AG

Contract manufacturing

We have been processing contract manufacturing for various industries with great care and, if necessary, with elaborated quality agreements and their monitoring for decades. Regardless of whether it involves finishing, impregnation or lamination of various raw materials! We’ll be happy to assemble your products as contract manufacturing on our systems as formats, narrow rolls or flat bags.


Mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering, parts for machines and systems are manufactured. In many cases, these systems are set up on site. This is due to the size and the complex structure. It is therefore necessary to transport the individual elements to their destination. Comprehensive protection against corrosion and damage is required for the high-quality materials. We offer you an effective solution for every material. Use the VCI corrosion protection or our barrier film to safely pack the individual elements.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Maschinenbau Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Metallverarbeitung Nawrot AG


In metal processing, reliable protection against corrosion must be ensured when transporting individual parts and products. This is achieved with packaging that is suitable for transport. The solution must be tailored to the respective material. We offer you various solutions that offer effective protection. Decide on paraffin paper or VCI corrosion protection to have your goods and products transported.


Motor construction

In engine construction, individual elements are manufactured in external plants. As a supplier, you are responsible for ensuring that all parts and elements arrive safely at the factory. Reliable protection against corrosion is just as necessary as packaging that is safe for transport. Our solution is versatile and adapted to the respective product. Opt fora barrier material or aluminium composite film if you want optimal protection against corrosion or other influences during transport.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Umformtechnik Nawrot AG
VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Umformtechnik Nawrot AG

Forming technology

Forming technology is an industrial area that manufactures products or individual parts for many branches of industry and commercial facilities. After production, the individual parts are transported. A solution is required that offers optimal protection against corrosion and damage during the transfer of the parts to the industrial company or intermediary. With the effective VCI corrosion protection or the inexpensive HYPERKRAFT® packaging material, you can safely pack elements from the field of forming technology.



We have been developing and producing many high-quality packaging materials for the packaging industry for decades. Our products protect your goods from environmental influences such as UV radiation, corrosion, oxidation and moisture.

VCI Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Verpacker Nawrot AG
Korrosionsschutz Branchen Lösungen Wehrtechnik Nawrot AG

Defence technology

When it comes to the field of defence technology, high-quality transport solutions are in demand. We offer you materials that offer effective protection against corrosion. There is also a solution for products and materials that cannot rust. Use barrier material or aluminium composite film for the safe transport of your defence technology products and components.

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