Barrier material

These packaging materials are known in the English-speaking world as "barrier materials". Depending on the degree of protection required, these materials can consist of two or more layers.

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The type of application also determines the closure options. Simple wrapping products, self-adhesive composite films and sealable barrier layer materials differ from one another.

Simple wrapping papers include wax papers and simple papers laminated or coated on one side with plastic. If required, these papers can also be supplied with fabric reinforcement or in creped form. The considerably thinner and pliable wax, paraffin and plastic-coated papers are used for the direct wrapping of small to medium-sized export goods.

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CORROFOL® enables a significant improvement in handling. Since only the active ingredient side can be sealed, incorrect use can be ruled out. CORROFOL® has a significantly higher water vapour density compared to VCI films previously available on the market. CORROFOL® has an extremely high puncture resistance ("dart-drop test '': strength" of more than 1800 grams.) Unique selling point: CORROFOL® revolutionises the sealing options of VCI films and can be used with all standard sealing devices and sealing machines (e.g. permanently heated or pulse heated) with the highestcycle rates.
The high stability of the film also achieves an extremely high seal seam strength. A notch can easily be punched in the sealing seam as an opening aid. A zip fastener can be welded in.
The film can be excellently printed using flexographic or rotogravure printing or can be marked afterwards. In addition, labels adhere much better to the surface when the film is used heavily.


HYPERKRAFT® is a versatile and inexpensive packaging material. HYPERKRAFT® closes the gap between paraffin papers and high-quality composite packaging materials, both in terms of quality and price. High flexibility: HYPERKRAFT® is particularly suitable for packaging small parts. The high mechanical strength also allows it to be used as a box lining.

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The grease and waterproof barrier material C-FOLIE®, which is manufactured in accordance with MIL-B-121, comes from the field of military packaging materials. C-FOLIE® consists of a plastic film, fabric and a self-adhesive wax mixture, which is applied on one or both sides as required.<strong> Easy to use: </strong>Small machines, engines, crankshafts etc. can be packed efficiently with C-FOLIE®. Fats or oils stay on the product and cannot drip off. For higher demands, an aluminum foil is incorporated into the C-FOLIE®, which gives the material a certain degree of water vapour density and UV protection. C-FOLIE® is suitable for storage, shipping and especially for export packaging. Our C-film can also be produced with VCI active ingredient and is therefore ideal for the preservation of large metal parts


Paraffin, wax or oil paper offer good and environmentally friendly protection against moisture. We produce these papers in various finished weights and material widths, as creped or smooth quality. We can also apply fabric reinforcement for extra strength. For all qualities, we can also supply you with the appropriate format and narrow rolls.

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